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PT Markbona Global Ventures

About the Company

PT MARKBONA GLOBAL VENTURES is a general innovative business/trading company legally established under the ministry of Law and Human rights of the republic of Indonesia with the registration number (4020121131102419). The company Head office is situated in South Jakarta.

PT MARKBONA GLOBAL VENTURES is a limited liability company with the purpose to extend it’s excellent business innovation into the world competitive market, thereby overly ready to accept business trading and distributing partnership across the globe in regards to business contract and intermediary.

Our Vision

To extend our business innovative ambition into the world market thereby open to accept a new business partnership and business distributing offer across the globe with our best services assured.

Our Mission
  • To create a business empire built solidly on trust and quality services to satisfy our business partners both locally and internationally.
  • To meet up with the demands of our business partners at any given time.
  • To serve as a reliable intercontinental business intermediary and distributing company, thereby building a stable and undaunting business relationship between Asia and African continents at large.
  • To endeavor to provide the best quality products and business services to our business partners that can compete in the world trade/business market.
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